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Overwhelmed by medical bills?

Health Claims Resolutions offers services to anyone who is struggling with medical bills or insurance claims. Sorting through stacks of bills and insurance statements, waiting on-hold with your insurance company, only to be cut-off or given to an agent who doesn’t understand your needs, is time consuming and frustrating! To avoid this, you may end up paying a bill you do not owe or an amount that is incorrect; something you thought your insurance should have paid, but didn't. You may even end up discarding an unpaid bill, only to later receive notices from collection agencies, which can eventually affect your credit. Medical bills frequently are inaccurate. Health Claims will analyze your medical bills for accuracy, confirm your insurance is paying correctly, and work to resolve issues quickly. It takes active management to ensure you are receiving all the benefits to which you are entitled, and that you aren’t paying too much.

Health Claims Resolutions takes the heavy burden of coping with medical claims off your shoulders. We save you time and money and most of all, give you peace of mind.

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